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American Legion Auxiliary in Arizona.​

Our Mission

The American Legion Auxiliary adheres to the

following purposes:

  • To support and advocate for veterans, active military and their families
  • To support the initiatives and programs of The American Legion
  • To foster patriotism and responsible citizenship
  • To award scholarships and promote quality education and literacy
  • To provide educational and leadership opportunities that uphold the ideals of freedom and democracy and encourage good citizenship and patriotism in government
  • To increase our capacity to deliver our Mission by providing meaningful volunteer opportunities within our communities

Jennie Molina 

​President 2021-2022

In the spirit of Service, Not Self, the mission of the American Legion Auxiliary is to support The American Legion and to honor the sacrifice of those who serve by enhancing the lives of our veterans, military, and their families, both at home and abroad. For God and Country, we advocate for veterans, educate our citizens, mentor youth, and promote patriotism, good citizenship, peace and security.

That mission is carried out through local members, volunteers and businesses.

Our mission is simple: improve the lives of veterans, military, their families and our communities. 

About Us

Our Mission 

Born and raised in Douglas for most of her life, Jennie has been a member of Fred Hilburn Unit 11 for 18 years.  Her Auxiliary eligibility is through her brother, a Navy veteran from the Korean Conflict and her brother, an Army  Vietnam veteran (deceased).  She is very proud of her eligibility through the current service of her Army son, LTC Macedonio Molina.  Jennie has held numerous leadership positions at the Unit, District and Department levels.  After more than 36 years of working in Behavioral Health she decided to retire.  This lasted 2 weeks, and she is now working part time.  She has been an active member of her community and has been given many awards and recognitions.   For the first time in 19 years she will no longer be volunteering with Special Olympics.  Jennie has a strong sense of commitment to our veterans, children and communities.  Her theme for the 2021-2022 year is "Making a Brighter World for our Veterans" and her special project is PTSD Education and Awareness.

Our Leadership